Wednesday, December 7, 2011

every breath.

I have been an absolutely dreadful blogger lately.
I would try giving you excuses, but that that would
just be entirely irrelevant.

Thankfully, I have managed to navigate the city without
 a single slip to write about
(and thus, entertain you with) thus far.
However, I have had my fair share of unfortunate events
since we have spoken last. oh, have-I-ever!

However, the many positive days, moments and opportunities 
have fully outweighed those signature "Chloe Days" that come
and go every once and awhile.
So, this morning I come to you with a little tune that
just makes me gleam on the inside.

of course it is a Boyce Tune.
cough cough the-new-official-video cough cough
these guys are magical. really.

Those who have true meaning to your life
and build up your spirit
will stay a part of you no matter the
distance, time or season.
With every breath of me.


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